Can Vive Le Football be the best mobile football game of 2021? Detailed discussion.

Vive Le Football is a new mobile soccer game. 



Beta version of Vive Le Football released in January 2021 for android and ios. Looking at the beta version, it looks like it could be the best football game of the year.  

Now I discuss in detail what issues it has now and the update that needs to be brought to the original version.


After the beta version of Vive Le Football came out, the reason why this game has caught everyone's attention is its graphics. The human look inside this game is very real. Looks exactly like the real look. No one expected such good graphics in mobile games. Seeing the human face inside this game, it seems that I am playing the game on the console or computer. The developer company NetEase has done a great job.

But the game with such good graphics did not release even after the beta test 2 months ago. Because the beta version of this game did not meet the expectations of the user well. There are many bugs in this game. The genre of this game could not satisfy anyone. They did not pay much attention to this issue. So its quality has not been much better. So they should have been a little late to give the gift of high quality commentary. Besides, there are still many problems in its animation. Such animation takes some time to load. That is why it catches everyone's eye. Also not to improve the quality of its gameplay. The control system is also not user friendly.

So they want to solve problems and come up with a good game.


Good quality commentary should be given in this game.. Need to add commentary on some of the most popular languages ​​in the world. But if the quality of the commentary cannot be maintained by increasing the language, then it will not be popular with the audience. So first of all they have to maintain quality. Its animation quality needs to be much smoother. It has to be done to make it look real. The emotions of the players have to look real. Every player has to show the same skills in gameplay as they do in real life. Players need to present their own skill in this game.The physics of the ball must be kept right. If any incident happens while playing on the field, real animation has to be shown there.The user interface of the game needs to be further improved. There should be a system where you we can play by selecting the team of own choice. 


Also need to add many new events. Few popular stadiums need to be added to this game. The design of the stadiums needs to be realistic. The game will also become more interesting if they update the weather changes during the game. If you get the ball in your hand while playing, you have to make a hand ball system. Currently, VAR technology is very popular in real football. Because the referee doesn't see much during the game. So VAR technology needs to be added.

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