Detailed description of Real Cricket 21 | When it will come and what new features it may have.


Real Cricket is one of the most popular mobile cricket games today. Its current update is Real Cricket 20. Although 3 months have passed since 2021, the new update Real Cricket 21 has not come out yet. So I will discuss in detail when it will come out and what new features will be added.


All the fans of Real Cricket are sitting with a lot of interest when Real Cricket 21 will come out. Fans have been commenting on the game through official social media. Real Cricket's developer company Nautilus Mobile tweeted that the update of the game will come in April this year. However, he did not say whether it would start or end in April. So no specific date was known. So all the fans have to look forward to April to get the latest updates.


Let's discuss what new features will come in the new update of this game now. This game is in high demand due to its popularity. So this is a new challenge for the developers of this game. Because if the audience does not meet the expectations of the game may lose popularity again. So they will appear in Real Cricket 21 with many new features. There will be many changes in the batting and bowling animation of this game. The look will be more realistic than before. The bowling and batting action of the bowlers will be practical. New stadiums will be added and graphics will be further improved. New Jersey designs will be added. Besides, the scenario will be further improved.Voice chatting will be added to online matches and online tournaments will be added. Fielding animations will also be improved.  
They could change on the cricket pitch. Because cricket has three formats. Wide's boundaries are much bigger in Test matches. But in Real Cricket 20, the wide boundaries of Test match are kept the same as in One Day and Twenty 20. So it may change. In addition, we can keep the players in the fielding position by own choice, but they have limited it to Real Cricket 20. Because we have to keep the fielder within the selected specific position. B ut in reality fielders are kept in many more positions. So the number of fielding positions will be increased. Then everyone will have the advantage to play the game. Many new players will be added and the number of players in the squad will be further increased. The new look of the players will be updated. If there is a fielder in a place where can over boundary, there a fielder return the ball efficiently with one hand or two hands and throw it towards the sky inside the field and enter the field again & take the catch. This animation will make it more popular in this game.


The Beta version of Real Cricket 21 will be released 2 weeks before the original version. The reason is that if any bugs are caught in the game, it will be fixed before releasing the original version.

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