Dream League Soccer 2021 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Mobile. Which Football game is the best?

Currently two popular football games to play on mobile are Dream League Soccer 2021 (DLS 21) and Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Mobile (PES 21 Mobile) . Konami is the developer of PES 21 mobile game and First Touch Games Ltd  is the developer of DLS 21 game. Both games are online mobile games. Both games are available in Google Play Stores and App Store. Now I will discuss which game is the best. I hope everyone will read the article carefully, then you will get the right idea.


The two games are far ahead in terms of graphics. The main reason for this is that the players in the two games have been given a real look. So real feeling is found while playing. But if we only talk about the appearance of the players, then PES 21 will be far ahead. Because the size of this game is 1.8 GB, while the DLS 21 game is only 400 MB. The size of the PES 21 game has been increased a lot for better graphics. However, the referee was not added to the gameplay graphics of the PES 21 mobile game. Only the referee is shown in the action replay to show the card when the player fouls. This can never be expected in a game with such good graphics. HOperatively Konami will fix this in a future update.The PES 21 game is far ahead in stadium design, but the spectator graphics are almost the same in both games.


If you want to play with the real skills of each player, there is no comparison to PES 21 Mobile. On the other hand, it would not be wrong to say that the skills of each player in DLS 21 are almost the same. PES 21 mobile will be ahead in this direction. Again the goal celebration is real in PES 21. But everyone's goal celebration in DLS 21 is the same. The gameplay of the DLS 21 is very simple, making it easy to pass the ball, give the head and kick the ball. But PES 21 is relatively difficult. It can also be mastered if practiced properly for a few days. The gameplay of the two games has multiple camera settings. PES 21 has a total of 6 camera settings. These are - 

  • Mid Range camera 
  • Long camera 
  • Wide camera 
  • Dynamic Wide camera 
  • Stadium camera 
  • Live Broadcast camera

DLS 21 has a total of 4 camera settings. These are - 

  • Sideline camera 
  • TV camera 
  • Goal to Goal camera 
  • Ball camera 

The simplest control system between the two games is the DLS 21. It has only one control system. However, PES 21 mobile has two control systems. These are - 

  • Advance Control 
  • Classic Control

The most difficult of these is Advanced Control. This control is for those who are pro level gamers.

DLS 2021


If you enter the game, you will first see Career Mod, Dream League Live, Exibition & More option. You can start your career in Career mod. There are many levels. First you will play with a simple team, gradually it will be played with a difficult team and it depends on your performance. The levels are - 

  • Academy Division 
  • Amateur Division 
  • Division 4 
  • Division 3 
  • Division 2 
  • Division 1 
  • Elite Division 
  • Legendary Division 
  • International Cup

You can also play online. That's why you have to go to Dream League Live option. Here you can play Event. You can play with your friends by clicking on Loacl Multiplayer from More option. In addition, you can increase your skills from the Training option.

Exhibition option allows you to play with random teams. With the Team Management option, you can customize your team to your liking. However, only 2 out of 12 formations are unlocked. The rest you have to unlock. In addition, you can sign the available player from the transfer market, but in that case you need to have a sufficient amount of coins. You can purchase these coins or you can earn coins by watching video ad.

Also the biggest advantage of this game is that you can import custom kits. If you want, you can link your account to their server, in which case you have to log in through Facebook .



When you enter the game, you will see many beautifully arranged options. Match, Club House, Contract & Extras option. In Match option you will see Matchday, Event, Friend Match & Campaign. The great advantage of this game is that online you can play with any friend you want. There is a practice option to practice. In My Team option you will see a list of all your players. In Squad Management, you can arrange your best XI, but if you want to arrange the team in the formation of your choice, you will need a manager according to the formation. In the Agent option of Contract, you can sign the player in your team with Box Draw.If you want to draw a box, you need a certain amount of GP or Coins. There is no way to take coins by watching video ad in this game so you have to purchase coins. However, if you win the Online Match, Event and enter the Daily Game, you will be given a GP & Coins Bonus. With these you can sign players. In addition, many times the Agent is given a free Box Draw. Then you will get many players for free. You can link your account with Konami and save it on their server by logging in. There is no facility to add custom kits in this game but many teams have licenses. From there you can select the kit of your choice. In this game you can play with a lot of legendary players.There is no facility to add custom kits in this game but many teams have licenses. From there you can select the kit of your choice. In this game you can play with a lot of legendary players. There is no facility to add custom kits in this game but many teams have licenses. From there you can select the kit of your choice. In this game you can play with a lot of legendary players.


PES 21 Mobile is the best in my opinion considering all aspects.

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