How to get famous players in DLS 21 very fast

If you are playing DLS 21 that is Dream League Soccer 2021 game then this article is very important for you. Because everyone who plays this game wants to have their favorite players in their team. That's why they need popular players. But DLS 21 is not as easily available to popular players as DLS 19 or earlier versions. So I'll tell you how to do it very quickly.


If you want to buy a player in DLS 21, you have to go to Live Transfers Option. There are only 9 players available at a time. As a result, even if you have enough coins, you can't buy the player of your choice. You will need to play another match to see more available players. But Sometimes for a short period of time, the first option of these 9 players gives a section called best of the best. There are 6 good players together. From there you can buy only one. But there is no guarantee of which player you will get. It will be automatically given from the game.

However, if you want to strengthen the team to your liking and then start playing this game, it will be much easier to build your team. Also if you want to play online you will need a much stronger team. That's why you will exit every match without playing. Then you will see 9 new players available every time. Exit every match repeatedly. At first, popular players come a little low.For this you have to exit many matches in the beginning. Then slowly the best players will start coming in 1/2, then you will understand that better players will come in front. When you buy 4/5 good players in the team then only the best popular player availbale will show on Live Transfers. Then you can make the team of your choice very quickly. But you will need enough coins to buy so many players soon. No worries if you purchase coins. But if you want to get all the coins for free, you can do it in the right way. But that will cost a little time. When you enter the game, you will see Free 30 Coins written at the bottom left. Clicking there will show an ad in front of you.If you look at it completely, you will get 30 coins. This way you will get out of the game again and again, then you will get 30 coins each time. This way you will get enough coins without playing any match.


A player becomes famous by his playing skills. The better a player plays, the more famous he becomes. So when you play this game you also want your team to play much better. That's why you have to make your team strong. If you want to increase the strength of the team, you must buy famous players in the team. And that is why famous players are very much needed. The more famous players you have in your team, the better your team will play. Especially if you want to win online matches you must have famous players. Also, when you reach the Legendary Division, International Cup and All Stars Cup, you can't win easily without famous players. Because there is to play with the strongest team of DLS 21.


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