Detailed discussion of DLS 21 new update version 8.10

DLS 21 V 8.10

After a long time many big updates have been brought to the DLS 21 game. DLS 21 lovers are eager to know what's new in this update version 8.10. Today I will discuss in detail all the new updates of this game.



Earlier this game could be played online but it could not be played with friend or rival. But from now on everyone will be able to play this game with friend or rival in online whenever they are want. Because of this the game is going to be more popular. I hinted at this in a previous post before this update came out. Today that is true.



In this update all the graphics of this game have been greatly improved. New lighting adjustments have been made to the graphics. The color of the grass has been further improved. In the previous update, the color of the grass looked very bad when playing during the day. It would have been worse if it had rained during the day. But now the color of the grass has been made much more real. So it looks much better now. However, when playing at night, the color of the grass looks a little lighter in this update than the previous update. But it looks much sharper now than before. That's why it's good to see. Also the combination of light and shadow has been improved.Besides, the white spots on the grass have been made much sharper than before. It will give everyone the best experience now.



New look has been added to many popular players. Many of those who did not have the real look have been given the real look. Many players have been given the current look by changing the previous look. Such as - Neymar, Griezmann and many more. However, Neymar's new look update was very much needed. Because, since 2017, his appearance was kept the same. But eventually this has changed in this update.




Players ratings have been raised and lowered based on their current performance. Also team data has been updated, including winter transfers and more!


Gameplay has improved a lot in this update. Now it will give a smoother experience than before. 


Many issues with previous updates to this game have been fixed in this update.


The new update will teach you how to play Friend Match. For this you have to open the DLS 21 game and go to More option. Then you will see the Friend match option. Then if you click there you will see you will be asked to give Match Code. With this code you have to play with your friend or rival. Your friend or rival must use the same code that you use here. Then if 2 people click Ok at the same time the game will start. For this, both of them need internet connection. Match code can only use AZ, az, 0-9, (hyphen) characters & match codes must be 3-31 characters in length. Comparisons are not case-sensitive. Try to pick something unique. Otherwise you might not get matched with the opponent you expected.

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