How to win Real Cricket 20 online match very easily

Real Cricket 20's online multiplayer can be played in many ways. You can play with your friends or random person. You can play also 1 vs 1 or 2p vs 2p. You can easily win when your friend is not a good player. But if he is a good player then it will cost you to win. Many good players play regularly online. So you need to know how you can easily win with them. If you play online multiplayer regularly in Real Cricket 20 games then you must know this, how you can win very easily.


There are two ways to select a team in the online multiplayer of this game. One is that you can select any team. Another is that you can play with your own team. But it will take some time to get strong player in own team. Before that you have to play by choosing one of the best team in the game. Each team has many players in the squad. From there you have to choose the player with the best rating. The online matches of this game can be played in 2 and 5 overs. If you play 2 overs then you have to choose the 2 best bowlers. I f you play in 5 overs, then you have to choose the 5 best bowlers. 1 bowler can bowl maximum 1 over. You can play with a good all-rounder if you want.


This game has 4 types of control settings. However, it can be played online in 3 settings. You will have the advantage if you play with the No. 3 setting in them. Because all types of shots can be taken very easily in this control setting.


When you are batting, you must first see the strength of your batsman. Because if you want to hit over boundary, you must need a good rating batsman. When you lose a lot of wickets, the bowler will go down to bat. If you will try to hit over boundary with him, it will not happen. Because their batting rating is very low. So, you have to play ground shots with them. If your timing is not perfect then your shot will not look good. Only 2 fielders are out when the power play is on. Then you have to target the empty space. Because if you want to hit boundary & over boundary thrn need nned to play shot over the head of the fielder. Then it will be it will be 4 or 6. If the timing is good, it will be 6. You have to select the shot to see at what length the opponent is bowling. Otherwise the ball will not hit the bat. Moreover, you have to adjust your position by seeing where his ball will turn. When the power play is over, 5 fielders will be out. So then if you want to hit that then if the timing is not right the ball will go to the hand of fielder. Because the opposing bowler will sort his fielder depending on his fielding position. However, if the length of the ball is in front of the feet or near the body or bounce ball, then you can try to hit it for over boundary. Also if the ball comes in front of the foot you can hit it backwards if there are no fielders. So it becomes a boundary very easily. You have a specific target when you bat later. If the target is 10 per over, then it is better not to try to hit the boundary with every ball. Because you can easily take 10 runs by hitting one or two ball boundaries with single and double runs. But if a bad bowl comes, you must hit the boundary. 


When you bowl, you must first arrange the fielding well. Then depending on that you need to bowl in right area. You have to focus on giving the dot bowl rather than taking wickets. Because when you give a few dot bowls, the opposing batsman will go out to hit the boundary. You must bowl at good length for this. If you bowl along the body of the batsman then you have to keep the fielder on the leg side. And if you want to bowl offside, you must swing the ball of good length to the right and keep the fielder offside. If the batsman tries to hit the boundary, it will be caught if the timing does not match. The offside bowl must be pitched along the wide line.Instead, if you pitch a little inwards, the batsman will easily hit boundaries and over boundaries. If you can deliver a good slow bouncer in the over then it will be a dot ball. However, if you give 2 bouncers, there will be no ball.

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