Juventus DLS Kits & Logos 2020-21

Juventus is currently a popular football club. The club has had a lot of success since Ronaldo joined Juventus. He has won the Champions League five times for United in 2006 and Real Madrid in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2017. But Ronaldo has been a regular in UEFA's Team of the Year since 2006. A player can be selected in this team only if he performs well in the competitions organized by UEFA in clubs and countries. Ronaldo was first selected in the squad in 2004 after playing well for Portugal in the Euros. Needless to say, no player has been elected more than 15 times so far. Bigger than that, CR Seven was in the UEFA Team of the Year 14 times in a row from 2008 to 2020.

The kit URL of Juventus Club is given below. You can use it on DLS 22.


URL -  https://i.imgur.com/90yRUwa.png


"Ronaldo is a big player in big matches" There are a lot of players who can't handle the pressure of a big match, but in a big match, Cristiano Ronaldo always shows the best performance in a big match. Not only has he won the top Champions League title (5), he is also the top scorer in the final. His winning penalty goal against Atletico Madrid in the final in 2016 is widely discussed.

Ronaldo has played countless matches in his career when his team was on the brink of extinction. In the Champions League, there are many matches for Madrid against Bayern, in addition to ATMs, in which the team has been pulled alone. He has also scored at least 10 goals in each of the Champions League since the 2011/12 season. And he scored the goals at important times like the knockout stage.


URL -   https://i.imgur.com/uwSr2l2.png

Besides, Portugal was going to leave the group stage of Euro Cup in 2016. In such a crisis, he scored two goals and pulled the team to the knockout stage. He also scored goals and assisted against Wales in the semi-finals. Ronaldo has almost the record of the Champions League. Ronaldo is the top scorer in the knockout, even in the final. Ronaldo is also the top scorer in the Club World Cup.

He was injured in the final match of Euro 16 but did not leave the field. Butt was playing with an injury and was forced to leave the field when his body was no longer supporting him. He didn't sit in the dressing room or in the VIP box, Ronaldo left the field with the encouragement of his teammates. In a big game, he is really great, if you do a career study, that information matches.


URL -  https://i.imgur.com/YI7GOqK.png


Pirlo was previously a legendary player of this club. He is currently the coach of this club. Buffon, the club's goalkeeper, is 43 years old but still playing.

The club's 2011-22 home kit is designed in a combination of white and black. Besides, there are gold color. The design of the away kit is made of light blue color and has white. The design of the third kit has been made the most beautiful. Because it has been given orange color and black color.



URL - https://i.imgur.com/XGKdbNN.png



URL - https://i.imgur.com/H32BwT8.png



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